Transforming words into insight and action

In healthcare, the ability to deliver truly collaborative care is tightly bound to the accuracy and quality of an organization’s clinical documentation. Documentation is the currency of care- it’s shared, exchanged, and stored. It enables collaboration and communication- and it’s what enables organizations to fund and build truly effective care processes.

At M*Modal, our systems help customers capture the patient’s story, from either dictation or front-end speech, and do this in the most streamlined and efficient way possible with industry-leading quality. We then turn that narrative into a structured document which enables us to analyze the information in the document and across documents to create insights, drive action, and ultimately, help improve care.

M*Modal has been listening to customers through transcription services for over 40 years, with over 3800 clients today, and is comprised of 10,000 dedicated employees based in five countries.

We are dedicated to delivering the experience, technology and vision necessary to fully leverage the meaning, use, and revelations hidden away inside the physician’s narrative.

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