Speech recording provider strikes alliances

by EHRWatch/HealthcareIT New/Healthcare Finance News

One of the ongoing hurdles for providers moving to EHRs is the convenience, or lack thereof, of inputting data during patient visits.

One evolving solution to that hurdle is the development of voice recognition and recording technology.

On that front, M*Modal Inc., a provider of clinical narrative capture services, recently announced that it has entered into a strategic reseller and development relationship with Allscripts for its speech and language understanding technology, which will be available for Allscripts clients across all ambulatory and acute-care platforms. The relationship will provide capabilities to create content-rich, voice-driven narrative patient documentation within Allscripts electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Based on its Speech Understanding™ and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) platform, M*Modal’s technology, will empower Allscripts EHRs, providing Allscripts clients with new technology focused on making electronic health records easier to learn and use.

“We are firmly committed to open software that delivers intuitive user experience and captures complete, accurate, and high-quality patient information,” said Glen Tullman, Chief Executive Officer of Allscripts.

Allscripts is also incorporating the M*Modal technology into its mobility offerings including its Sunrise Mobile™ MD II product for on-the-go speech understanding capability. M*Modal’s technology takes advantage of its cloud-based enterprise documentation platform to enable healthcare providers to speech-enable existing health information systems including EHRs, radiology information systems (RIS) and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS).

In a similar move, M*Modal recently struck a strategic partnership agreement with Merge Healthcare to integrate its speech and language understanding technology across Merge’s portfolio including its imaging and radiology offerings. Together, M*Modal and Merge will look to accelerate adoption of speech-based solutions across the Merge network of clients, including 1,500 hospitals and 6,000 clinics with such specialties as imaging cardiology, orthopedics and eye care, along with a full suite of clinical trials solutions.

With M*Modal’s platforms, providers can use their voice, in addition to keyboard and mouse, to interact with their desktop clinical applications, including the dictation of medical narrative and voice navigation within 3rd-party applications. To goal for providers is to improve documentation efficiency and avoid difficulties associated with template-based point-and-click systems, while also augmenting discretely captured data with a narrative of the patient’s story.