Medical Speech Recognition Solutions: Command Performance

Physicians are natural storytellers. Capture all of their narratives with the ultimate medical speech recognition program. The Intelligent Speech Alternative: M*Modal Fluency Direct™.

Fluency Direct - It's Time to Expect More from your Speech Recognition SoftwareFluency Direct – It’s Time to Expect More from your Speech Recognition Software

Accelerate the adoption of EHRs and leverage the completeness and contextual understanding that lies within the physician’s spoken word. Powered by M*Modal Speech Understanding™, a marked improvement over simple health speech recognition, M*Modal Fluency Direct enables healthcare organizations and EHR vendors to embrace evolving technology and emerging healthcare initiatives, like Meaningful Use.

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M*Modal Fluency Direct Top-Ranked in All KLAS Speech Recognition Categories

According to KLAS findings, in its debut M*Modal Fluency Direct has received the top scores in all areas of the KLAS Speech Recognition category, including Sales and Contracting, Implementation and Training, Functionality and Upgrades, Service and Support, and General. Learn More

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Citizens Medical Center and Fluency Direct
Hear what Russell Witte, Citizens Medical Center Director of IT, has to say about M*Modal Fluency Direct

“We had an immediate need to facilitate EHR adoption with several of our less computer savvy physicians who were at the end of our EHR rollout schedule. We felt it was going to be a significant issue with these physicians if we didn’t provide a solution to make documentation easier.

We also were getting requests from our physicians already on EHR to help them improve productivity, the quality of their notes, and the overall visit experience for the patient. When they’re in the exam room, they want to focus on the patient, not the technology.”

Joseph Cincotta, MD,

Medical Director, PinnacleHealth Medical Group