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Accurate transcription is critical to the quality and expediency of healthcare delivery, as well as reimbursement. If recruiting, training and retaining qualified health transcriptionists ranks among your organization’s top challenges, M*Modal has a solution. Whether it’s time to outsource all or a portion of your organization’s medical transcription needs, your organization can easily tap into our pool of health transcription services and talent.

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As the nation’s largest medical transcription services provider, M*Modal offers an experienced global workforce of medical transcriptionists – one that can scale and adapt to the growing needs of any organization. M*Modal addresses the needs of clients ranging from community hospitals to large, multi-facility healthcare enterprises. Our “First Time Right” philosophy represents our commitment to accuracy without compromising speed. Integrated quality assurance tools ensure transcribed documents are returned quickly while maintaining high document quality, and M*Modal provides performance monitoring as a built-in, value-added service.

Lost In Transcription: Find Out What Better, More Cost Effective Transcription Can Mean for Your Enterprise.

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We encourage you to request more detailed information on M*Modal’s flexible Transcription Services, or engage one of our representatives to discuss how our transcription services and products may be customized best meet the your objectives and requirements.

With dedicated Customer Care Managers and over 10,000 experienced U.S.-based and global health transcriptionists, M*Modal delivers transcription services quickly and accurately – allowing your organization to reduce costs, increase physician satisfaction and improve patient care. For organizations interested in improving the quality and efficiency of in-house transcription services, M*Modal also offers M*Modal Fluency for Transcription. This product helps transcriptionists and editors produce more accurate reports and also empowers Quality Assurance managers and HIM personnel to monitor and improve quality and transcription workflows.

M*Modal offers flexible medical transcription outsourcing options to address the needs of any organization – those needing full outsourcing as well as those trying to manage fluctuating transcription volumes and eliminate staffing shortages. We can also empower your HIM organization with a product to improve in-house transcription quality and workflow. Choose the mix of M*Modal health transcription services and products most likely to optimize performance, controls costs and improve patient outcomes for your organization.

There’s more to the M*Modal story. M*Modal also offers outsourced coding services, employing well-trained, highly experienced coders who benefit from using aids and workflow support that make our coding services exceptionally efficient and accurate.