What They Don’t Teach You in Medical School: Your Time Is Valuable

May 26, 2017


The moment you enroll in Medical School, the message is clear: your time is not your own anymore. For the next several years you will be in school, residency and fellowship. You will move, possibly several times, to go on to the next phase. Your spouse won’t understand at first. But they will soon learn to do things on their own, not counting on you coming home on time. You will experience very high highs and extremely low lows, all while sleep-deprived and hungry. After all those years of training, things are promised to get better, but no one trained you for the demands of owning a practice and running a business, which requires as much time for your patients as it does other miscellaneous administrative tasks.

Clergy may take a vow of poverty and nuns may take a vow of silence, but nowhere in the Hippocratic Oath is there a vow of never having any time for your patients, your family or yourself. Unfortunately, the administrative tasks of a physician in private practice have dramatically increased over the past few years. In fact, nearly 50% of a physician’s time is spent documenting patient encounters. What if you spent that time treating patients? Or better yet, what if you spent that time at your daughter’s soccer game or on a date with your spouse.

Your time is so much more than money.

Perhaps it’s those long years of physician training that make doctors believe a sacrifice of their time is expected of them, but in the world of healthcare, time doesn’t necessarily equal money. Time is compassion. It is loving on your family. Time is a clear head and a kind heart to treat a patient who just received a less than desirable diagnosis. Your time is valuable. It’s worth something, and it’s important to evaluate your processes and technology to claim back each minute you can.

We heard you.

M*Modal was birthed as a response to this desire for more time. We felt the frustrations of physicians who spend more time clicking on their laptop than talking to their patients. Our team heard the struggles of doctors to document patients’ stories, those small details that lead to a proper diagnosis and the best treatment. We understood the pain of moms and dads who wanted just one more moment with their little ones.

We help you create time to care.

M*Modal’s Fluency Direct dictation software is designed to recognize medical language. On top of that, the software prompts the speaker in real time to include certain details that make a world of difference when it comes to coding and billing, saving your practice time and money. It is easily integrated into a variety of EHR systems and is flexible to give the physician choice in how he/she would like to integrate it. New technology doesn’t have to be hard; rather, technology should work hard for you. M*Modal is helping physicians all over the world create time to care for their patients, their families and themselves. Learn how we can help you today by clicking here!