Gift Delivery Services Every Doctor Should Have on Speed Dial

October 10, 2017


We get it. You’re busy. Your patients’ viruses and other ailments don’t take a day off, and the holidays aren’t doing your schedule any favors. Chances are you will have to send a few last minute regrets. On top of that, who has time go shopping for a thoughtful gift? You need some excellent go-to gift delivery services at your fingertips which will also include festive wrapping, delivery and even a sweet note.

There is not one-size-fits-all gift delivery solution. Some people are allergic to flowers, others are on a gluten-free diet and still others would prefer to live off an IV drip of coffee. Here is the list of sweets, treats, bobbles and good-smelling things to send last minute or schedule months in advance.

Flower Service

While it may seem unimaginative, flowers can be a nice respite during the holidays from all the cakes and candies filling up the office lunch rooms. But don’t worry about sending a boring bouquet. There are several floral delivery services that offer chic floral designs with seasonal flowers grown in America

Seasonal Meats and Nuts

Many companies provide an assortment of pre-packaged novelty foods. The key is to find a company that offers a wide variety so you can find something perfect for your intended recipient.

Stationary Boxes

Your Type A family, friends and colleagues love paper. It’s strange, but true. They love notebooks, thank you cards and gift wrap. It’s different, it’s useful, but most all, it’s memorable.

Cookie Delivery Service

Nothing says “I care” quite like fresh baked cookies and cold milk. There are several couture cookie businesses that can ship or deliver locally and are much more appetizing than dry biscuits from a tin.

Spirited Spirits

Say “peace on earth and good will toward men” with the gift that never disappoints. Here is a list of great delivery services.

At M*Modal, we’re in the business of creating time to care. Show your loved ones you care. Even though you might not make the event, your presence can still be felt, and with only a quick phone call or a click of the mouse with one of these gift delivery services.