July 11, 2017


Sure, you own your own business, you get to create life-long partnerships with your patients and your annual income has a few more zeroes after it, but darn it all if you don’t miss residency! It’s such a gift that all those years of medical school are topped off with diving into the trenches. Finally, you got that hands-on experience that you’d been dreaming of. If given the opportunity, you’d definitely do residency again, right?

Here are our top 10 reasons why residency was the absolute best!

  1. That natural high that comes after 36 hours of no sleep.

It’s something few get to experience. You hit that 36th sleepless hour as you are doing your rounds, and a wave of slap-happy, punch-drunk I-don’t-give-a-darns sweep over you. Ah, sweet bliss.

  1. You never get a case of the Mondays.

What day is it? You definitely worked through the weekend, and Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  1. You save so much money on sunscreen.

Who needs protection from the sun when you never see it? Plus, there’s something about that buzz that comes from fluorescent lighting that gives you the warm-fuzzies.

  1. Scrubs.

Professional Pajamas.

  1. You get to lecture patients on their eating habits while living off a diet made entirely of Ramen and candy bars.

“So, you tell me again how your job makes it tough to eat balanced meals.”

  1. On the rare occasion you eat at a dinner table with you loved ones, you ruin their appetites with residency war stories.

To be fair, they asked you how work was going.

  1. Friends are for the weak.

Who needs friends when you have patients screaming at you, nurses annoyed with you, burned coffee and that sweet, sweet vending machine?

  1. The constant flow of texts from relatives containing pictures of their disgusting growths.

I may be a doctor, but I’m not your doctor. In my professional opinion, you should get that checked out.

  1. Just when you’re at the end of your rope, you remember all student loans counting on you.

Some relationships last a lifetime.

  1. The satisfaction that comes from a hard day’s work.

Or three or four hard days’ work. What year is it?

See? Don’t you wish you could go back?