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Improving the quality of clinical documentation is central to your organizational success, but resource-heavy CDI engagements and disjointed workflows are a challenge. We adopt a unique approach to CDI by embedding clinical intelligence and automation into current workflows to effectively engage physicians by providing real-time CDI feedback, deliver a collaborative platform for physicians, CDI specialists and coders, and provide your CDI team insights into clinical findings and physician behavior.

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Changing the CDI paradigm by providing artificial intelligence (AI) powered real-time CDI feedback to physicians and clinical insights to CDI specialists

Our CDI solutions are built on a single, integrated and cloud-based platform that utilizes AI and natural language understanding technologies to embed clinical intelligence and reduce the time it takes to find and correct CDI deficiencies.

The timely and relevant feedback delivered by M*Modal is critical to physician engagement as it helps physicians work smarter and faster, not harder.

Dr. William Melahn, MD, CMO, VPMA at St. Claire’s Regional Medical Center

CDI Engage CDI Collaborate CDI Services Beyond CDI


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By leveraging the AI and natural language understanding powered Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) functionality of our front-end speech recognition solutions, we deliver CDI, ICD-10 and quality related in-workflow feedback to the clinician while the note is being created, before it is even saved in the EHR.

  • Creating Time to Care

    CDI Engage delivers real-time, automated feedback while the physician is dictating or typing, so that the patient record is complete and accurate right from the start. This system effectively engages clinicians in a non-disruptive manner within their natural documentation workflow, ensuring physician satisfaction and the long-term viability of your CDI program.

  • Real-Time Physician Training

    This user-friendly physician education system brings documentation best practices directly into the EHR workflow. It delivers context-specific, summarized documentation tips and more in-depth ICD-10 education on your common CDI problems.

  • Physician Queries Minimized

    By delivering real-time and automated clinical assessment of the note, this solution enables timely, front-line action. This minimizes disruptive, retrospective queries and significantly boosts the productivity of both physicians and CDI specialists (CDIS).


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CDI Collaborate is a workflow management solution for CDI specialists. It enables in-depth insight into improvement of documentation quality and patient care. Our system analyzes every word of every encounter document to identify under-specificity, allowing you to review 100% of your charts and extend CDI coverage to all payers.

  • Real-Time Worklists

    To simplify and effectively prioritize complex workflows , our system generates automated, continually-updated CDI worklists to provide a robust interface for managing the correction of CDI discrepancies.

  • Summarized Evidence Sheets

    Automated summaries of clinical indicators (vital signs, labs, etc.) support the query process and deliver unparalleled consistency and efficiency.

  • Query Workflow and Reporting

    To streamline fragmented workflows, the query building process is also automated with advanced tools to enable CDIS to engage effectively with physicians during the query process. Extensive reporting functionality helps track CDIS performance across the organization.


Our technology-driven CDI solutions are supported by experienced consultants, who are credentialed CDI specialists and seasoned HIM professionals, to augment your CDI team’s performance, improve physician documentation and optimize workflows.

  • Physician Support

    Our team specializes in improving physician engagement with peer-to-peer training, personalized education, physician champion boot camps, etc.

  • Optimized Workflows

    By understanding each facility’s unique needs and environment, our CDI Services team streamlines workflows to drive better operational outcomes by fully utilizing M*Modal technology solutions.

  • Supplemental CDI Staffing

    Helping address gaps in coverage and turnover, our expert consultants can help fill temporary position vacancies or augment your staff during an implementation.


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To promote comprehensive understanding of each patient encounter and the overall patient population, our AI and natural language understanding platform accesses information from unstructured report narratives, aggregates data from clinical systems such as EHRs, and adds contextual understanding to this information.

  • Clinical Intelligence

    The right, summarized information is delivered to the right people at the right time for unparalleled gains in both quality and efficiency.

  • Support for Organizational Goals

    This unique system can support many of your goals related to population health, clinical decision support, quality measures, POA (present on admission) indicators, etc.

  • EHR Integration

    By integrating with any EHR, this system does the heavy lifting of combing through EHR documentation to make context-specific information readily available. Furthermore, it can deliver real-time feedback on problems, medications, allergies, etc. that are present in the current note, but not included in the list recorded in the EHR (e.g. Epic NoteReader).

  • Support Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Needs

    By providing all the insights from unstructured data, our system allows this information to be coupled with EDW data to get a comprehensive view of each patient and the overall population.