Beyond CDI

Leverage our cloud-based Natural Language Understanding platform to access information from narrative documents, aggregate data from clinical systems such as EHRs and deliver in-workflow clinical intelligence that promotes the comprehensive understanding of each patient encounter as well as the overall patient population.

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Improve EHR-Based Workflows

The M*Modal technology does the heavy lifting of combing through all the documentation to identify key clinical data from the narrative for EHR users. A physician would document as usual within an EHR, using speech recognition or by directly typing a clinical note. As the note is being created, it is being analyzed by M*Modal Natural Language Understanding technology in real-time, and feedback is provided to the physician for immediate action (e.g., Epic® NoteReader).


Drive Multiple, Complex Goals

By delivering context-specific, clinical insights throughout the documentation workflow, the M*Modal system can support data-driven decision making and quality-focused medicine. For instance, our closed-loop documentation system can be leveraged to bring increasingly more complex insights into the documentation workflow, including clinical analytics, best practices, predictive analytics, and risk modeling.

Support Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Needs

Our system can access and summarize information from unstructured narrative documents, which can be combined with structured information from EDWs to merge the benefits of structured data and dictated documents. This allows you to get a complete understanding of both individual patients and the entire patient population to drive targeted action in support of organizational goals.