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#1 Speech Recognition, Imaging

In an environment of strained resources and reimbursement on one hand and increasing regulatory requirements and competition on the other, radiology practices are challenged to deliver newer care models. Our medical imaging solutions provide enhanced quality, imaging peer review and value to the patient care continuum without compromising productivity. We offer a smarter way of managing your diagnostic imaging practice and support the American College of Radiology’s Imaging 3.0™ initiative by ensuring documentation completeness and best practices for speech-driven reporting.

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M*Modal Fluency for Imaging #1 KLAS Category Leader, Speech Recognition: Front-End Imaging

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Market-leading solutions for efficient creation of high quality documentation with real-time intelligence and workflow management.

Our value-based imaging solutions help you to smoothly transition to value-based imaging care, ICD-10 requirements, and quality initiatives such as Lung-RADS™ categorization.

M*Modal’s voice recognition accuracy is outstanding, which allows me to read with continued focus. In addition, the Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) real-time feedback has saved me many times from right/left mistakes and calmed my fears of ICD-10 documentation specificity.

Dr. Arif S. Kidwai, M.D., MBA, President, St. Johns Radiology Associates, serving Flagler Hospital

Advanced Reporting Real-Time Feedback Business Intelligence and Analytics

Advanced Speech-
Enabled Reporting

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Fluency for Imaging™ is a complete clinical documentation and workflow management solution that combines advanced front-end speech recognition technology and integrated productivity-enhancing tools for the faster creation of higher-quality diagnostic interpretations.

  • Proprietary Speech Understanding™ Technology

    Far more than simple voice-to-text software, this solution combines M*Modal’s proprietary speech and natural language understanding technologies to contextually understand the radiologist’s narrative for unparalleled speech recognition accuracy and speed.

  • Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD)

    This unique, built-in capability delivers real-time, automated physician feedback at the time of reporting and within the documentation workflow for significant gains in quality and efficiency.

  • Workflow Extensions

    Our closed-loop reporting solution optimizes the user experience and boosts productivity by providing workflow enhancements that are completely integrated into the radiologist’s everyday reporting workflow. These include: Critical Test Results Management (CTRM), imaging peer review, integrations with M*Modal Scout™ and third-party solutions for greater compliance and patient safety.

Real-Time Feedback
with CAPD

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By embedding documentation improvement directly into the speech reporting workflow, our CAPD capability delivers sustainable and continuous physician support and education for ICD-10 specification, critical findings compliance, and documentation best practices.

  • Drive Clinical Quality and Patient Safety

    Our CAPD technology notifies the radiologist in real time, as the report is being dictated, about potential gaps, inconsistencies in laterality and gender, critical findings, PQRS discrepancies, etc.

  • Improve Efficiency

    By automating the identification of deficient documentation and delivering real-time assistance, this game-changing capability helps radiologists get the record right the first time by instantly reviewing and finalizing more complete reports.

  • Optimize Reimbursement

    Our CAPD feature is designed to improve the quality and specificity of the radiology report by providing in-workflow support to radiologists on ICD-10 specifications, thereby avoiding tedious rework and downstream delays related to coding and billing.

  • Enable Clinical Decision Support

    This closed-loop clinical documentation system can be leveraged to provide context-specific, actionable clinical information to the radiologist at the time of interpretation so that they can make the right decisions to support evidence-based medicine.

Business Intelligence
and Analytics

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Built on our natural language understanding platform, M*Modal Scout is a Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) solution that supports administrators charged with improving patient throughput, compliance and cost control. One system delivers tactical operational and clinical tools as well as more strategic management capabilities to help you meet your organizational goals.

  • Operational Analytics

    Improve your performance with metrics such as work output by radiologist, report quality over time, etc.

  • Clinical Analytics

    Enhance care quality and efficiency with a unique dashboard summary of the patient’s longitudinal imaging history. For example, you can find out in a matter of seconds how many critical findings lacked follow up documentation.

  • Financial Analytics

    Manage your practice and money by understanding where your risks are.

  • Enterprise Search

    Get on the fast track to improved performance, efficiency, and profitability with sophisticated, contextual search capabilities that allow you to find answers to meaningful, ad-hoc questions.