Detlef Koll

Detlef Koll has served as M*Modal’s Chief Technology Officer since August 2011.

Detlef Koll, M*Modal’s chief technology officer since its inception, has always had a plan for how technology could contribute to the betterment of society – specifically by making it easier for doctors to create and use clinical documentation to care for patients.

Detlef and his business partner, Michael Finke, on the leading edge of speech recognition research since its early days, knew that using speech recognition to capture information was just a part of the equation. The real benefit – and challenge – would be in developing practical applications for Natural Language Processing to make better use of the information once captured. Together, they created technology company, MultiModal Technologies, Inc.

When MultiModal and MedQuist, the largest transcription services provider in the world, came together in 2011, the merger formed the solid foundation of technology-enabled services that is the heart of M*Modal today.

As the healthcare industry and EHR vendors continue to debate interoperability and the best way to collect and use clinical data, Detlef has held fast to his belief that “We already have semantic interoperability in health information today. Narrative notes are the one form of documentation that can be understood by every human in the patient care team, including the patient himself…”

Detlef and his team of engineers, clinical informaticists, and scientists, continue to find innovative ways to use technology to assist healthcare providers as they care for their patients.

Detlef has held research positions at Carnegie Mellon University and Advanced Telecommunications Research Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan. Mr. Koll earned his B.Eng. and M.Eng. degrees in computer science from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany.

Detlef Koll - Chief Technology Officer, M*Modal

Detlef Koll

Chief Technology Officer