John McKenna

John McKenna lives and works in Atlanta, but he’s originally from central New York. He has served as the VP of transcription platforms since February 2015.

John’s management style consists of coaching and mentoring for a team of over 115 developers, program managers and product owners across the globe. His people reside in such far off places as England, India, Idaho, as well as Atlanta. With such a diverse employee base, both geographically and technically, John says it’s his job to keep them motivated and inspired to meet the needs of the business with great solutions.

John says his main focus is in the success of the company and the improvement of healthcare, “For me, it’s what’s kept me in healthcare, the fact that what we do impacts everyday people’s lives is immensely important.”

John earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science from SUNY Polytechnic in New York. Before that, he was responsible for Product Development for the suite of MedQuist platforms. He has over 30 years of experience leading teams to innovate and build several of the leading clinical documentation systems in Healthcare. Prior to M*Modal John led the Program Office and Product Management group for the Healthcare division of Lanier WorldWide.

When he’s not improving the healthcare industry, he loves to play golf, but admits the sport remains a distant second after time with family.

John McKenna - Vice President, Transcription Platforms, M*Modal

John McKenna

Vice President, Transcription Platforms