Marty Serro

Keeping M*Modal up and running from the inside out is no easy task, but Marty Serro makes it look simple.

Marty has served as M*Modal’s Chief Information Officer since March 2015. He is responsible for global production infrastructure, telecommunications, corporate applications, database management as well as customer and employee support for all M*Modal products and services.

Marty’s employees work all over the globe, but know he cares about them, so in turn, they go above and beyond to serve M*Modal’s internal publics.

Mart’s group understands the importance of quality customer service for all customers and employees they serve. Marty joined M*Modal in 1998 and has over 30 years of diversified technical experience in management, design, development and implementation of technology solutions across varied industries.

Marty Serro - Chief Information Officer, M*Modal

Marty Serro

Chief Information Officer