Michael Finke

Michael Finke has served as M*Modal’s President since August 2011.

Michael Finke, as M*Modal’s president, plays a leading role in guiding the strategic direction of the company. Michael’s belief is that M*Modal’s primary goal should be to serve healthcare. It is apparent in everything he has done since he and business partner Detlef Koll created MultiModal Technologies, Inc, developers of Speech and Natural Language Understanding software, back in 2001.

When MultiModal and MedQuist, the largest medical transcription services provider in the world, came together in 2011, the merger formed the solid foundation of technology-enabled services that is the heart of M*Modal today.

Michael works tirelessly towards his mission of information-driven healthcare, often spending days on the road every week visiting providers around the world, listening to their needs, and finding new ways for M*Modal to serve its customers. The relationships he builds with leaders in the industry guide M*Modal’s roadmap for the future and are an example for the rest of the company.

Prior to acting as CEO and president of MultiModal, Michael was Chief Technology Officer and a co-founder of Interactive Systems, Inc. He has held positions at IBM, the University of Karlsruhe and Carnegie Mellon University. Michael earned his B.Eng. and M.Eng. degrees in computer science from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany.

Michael Finke - President, M*Modal

Michael Finke