Noel Tauzin

No matter the subject, Noel has a smile in his voice and the ability to put people at ease.

A native of Biloxi, MS Noel Tauzin is a born communicator.

Noel joined M*Modal in 2006 and brought with him over 13 years of large scale operational experience. Since joining M*Modal, Noel’s primary focus has been on process improvement, workflow management and ensuring operational excellence across a broad spectrum of M*Modal’s vast healthcare documentation services business unit.

In his current role as vice president of worldwide healthcare documentation services, Noel interacts with his peers while ensuring service deliverables are exceeded and customers are delighted. Today, Noel leads a staff of more than 8,000 employees worldwide.

Noel is an active supporter of the Healthcare Documentation Services industry and is a long time member of AHDI. Noel has chaired AHDI’s Membership Development Group since September 2014.

Noel Tauzin - Vice President, Worldwide Operations, M*Modal

Noel Tauzin

Vice President, Worldwide Operations