10 Steps to Adopting Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

Published on September 5, 2018

Read this article written Rob Marvin and Brian T. Horowitz of PC Mag where they discuss how Artificial intelligence (AI) provides a way to incorporate business intelligence (BI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing into your daily tasks.

Here in, Step 7, they quote M*Modal’s Aaron Brauser and Dr. Gilan El Saadawi

7. Start With a Small Amount of Data

Begin applying AI to a small sample of your data rather than taking on too much too soon. “Start simple, use AI incrementally to prove value, collect feedback, and then expand accordingly,” said Aaron Brauser, Vice President of Solutions Management at M*Modal, which offers natural language understanding (NLU) tech for health care organizations as well as an AI platform that integrates with electronic medical records (EMRs).

A specific type of data could be information on certain medical specialties. “Be selective in what the AI will be reading,” said Dr. Gilan El Saadawi, Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) at M*Modal. “For example, pick a certain problem you want to solve, focus the AI on it, and give it a specific question to answer and not throw all the data at it.”

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