Speech Understanding

Published on August 20, 2012

Physicians need a more effective way to capture and relay the whole patient story

Conventional speech recognition is no longer sufficient for today’s clinical documentation challenges. That’s why we created a more intelligent engine. M*Modal’s speech technology goes beyond simple speech recognition to achieve true Speech Understanding™. Using the accumulated experience of 200,000 physicians over a decade, M*Modal Speech Understanding™ technology is much more than simply converting voice to text, and more than just a widget for the EHR.

M*Modal Speech Understanding™ allows physicians to:

  • capture their narrative via natural language
  • process it into a standardized structured document, instantly
  • have this narrative actually impact the physician’s workflow

On a single platform, Speech Understanding™ combines two native technologies delivered in the Cloud: speech recognition and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Speech Understanding™ uses both technologies together on the voice file. In one unified process. In real-time.

Unlike simple speech recognition, Speech Understanding™ also recognizes the meaning and syntax of the dictation, not just the individual words or word strings. M*Modal’s speech engine has the benefit of the contextual understanding of a document’s meaning, physicians can dictate in a normal, conversational way without needing to follow particular speech structures or provide verbal cues to the engine.

From this richer context we can glean medical concepts and detect the report type or sections referenced in the dialogue. Therefore, doctors don’t have to call out specific terms to alert the speech engine.

Discover the difference of M*Modal’s Speech Understanding today!

What distinguishes M*Modal Speech Understanding™ from basic speech recognition:

  • A TRUE cloud-based solution
  • Conversational speech with the highest accuracy
  • No need for restrictive voice commands for punctuation or formatting
  • Out-of-the-box effectiveness from day one
  • Automatic and continuous learning system
  • Creates structure from the narrative
  • Information-driven workflows
  • Unstructured data analytics

Benefits of M*Modal Speech Understanding™:

  • Higher quality documentation
  • Improvements in clinical documentation initiatives
  • Transcription cost savings
  • Increased physician satisfaction and productivity
  • Promotes EHR adoption
  • Meets the Meaningful Use criteria
  • Improved communication with referring physicians
  • Enhanced evidence-based decision making
  • Drives greater collaboration