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M*Modal Expands Its Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Solutions to Include Outpatient Coverage in Partnership with Summit Medical Group

Published on March 1, 2016

Collaboration to extend CDI capacity for Summit Medical Group from 20% to up to 100% of clinical
documentation and support quality-driven care delivery

Franklin, TN – March 1, 2016 – M*Modal, a leading provider of clinical documentation and Speech Understanding™ solutions, today announced that the company has advanced its widely-deployed inpatient Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) solutions with the introduction of an outpatient CDI solution. Through close collaboration, M*Modal will help Summit Medical Group target top revenue-depleting hierarchical condition categories (HCCs) by automating the review of every encounter of every patient. This outpatient CDI solution utilizes M*Modal’s proprietary Natural Language Understanding technology to bring game-changing automation, clinical insights and workflow efficiencies to CDI and coding processes at Summit Medical Group.

“We are very excited to be partnered with M*Modal to extend our current CDI coverage to include all our patient charts,” said Loredana Finis, Director of Coding Compliance at Summit Medical Group. “Our physicians are better documentarians than coders, and our manual CDI processes could not support 100% abstracting and auditing, given the volume of business. The uniqueness of the M*Modal solution is that it goes beyond the discrete data, and analyzes not only the entire document but also all of the outbound narrative documentation from our athenahealth EHR. This is very impressive. The M*Modal technology does the heavy-lifting of sifting through the documentation and also gives us precise prompts within each document to see if the physician has captured the HCC code. This allows us to establish how we want to utilize and prioritize the worklists based on what M*Modal has found in the documentation. Ultimately, M*Modal will help us more accurately capture the disease burden and RAF (Risk-Adjusted Factor) scores, and be more quality driven.”

“Summit Medical Group is an invaluable partner in helping us develop a more comprehensive outpatient CDI solution,” said Aaron Brauser, Vice President of Solutions Management at M*Modal. “M*Modal CDI Collaborate™ is a distinctive, web-based application that also provides top-level, dashboard views into enterprise-wide documentation so that Summit Medical Group can see exactly where the opportunities and risks lie, and find the outlying physicians for more targeted intervention.”

Built on the same M*Modal platform, the outpatient and inpatient CDI solutions help healthcare
organizations better manage patient populations irrespective of the care setting.

The M*Modal inpatient CDI solutions provide:

  • Complete CDI Workflow Management: This productivity-enhancing solution automates chart review, generates continually-updated CDI worklists, streamlines the query and correction workflow with
    summarized evidence, and provides a robust interface that enables CDI Specialists to effectively interact with physicians.
  • Unmatched Clinical Intelligence: By utilizing M*Modal’s Natural Language Understanding technology, this solution promotes the comprehensive understanding of patient information and automates the identification of documentation deficiencies and gaps in care.
  • Real-Time Physician Feedback: A unique solution that delivers real-time and interactive insights
    to clinicians related to CDI and physician education as they document in the EHR for continuous
    improvement in how doctors care for their patients.

To see first-hand how these CDI solutions can help you meet your goals and capitalize on
opportunities, please visit the M*Modal booth (# 5029) at the 2016 HIMSS conference being held from February 29 to March 3 in Las Vegas.

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M*Modal is a leading healthcare technology provider of advanced clinical documentation solutions, enabling hospitals and physicians to enrich the content of patient electronic health records (EHR) for improved healthcare and comprehensive billing integrity. As one of the largest clinical transcription service providers in the U.S., with a global network of medical editors, M*Modal also provides advanced cloud-based Speech Understanding™ technology and data analytics that enable physicians and clinicians to include the context of their patient narratives into electronic health records in a single step, further enhancing their productivity and the cost-saving efficiency and quality of patient care at the point of care. For more information, please visit, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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