Electronic Health Records

Fluency Direct

Allowing the clinicians to dictate directly into the EHR/EMR enhances physician adoption, achieves Meaningful Use goals and improves the quality of care.

Accurately and effortlessly capturing the physician narrative during the documentation process, M*Modal Fluency Direct is a cloud-based solution that allows providers to create a comprehensive clinical document incorporating voice and structured text through a single application.

Enabling physicians to populate the EHRs with color, context and reasoning without changing their established workflow, M*Modal Fluency Direct is an intelligent way to maximize your customers’/clients’ technology investment. Featuring cloud-based commands, templates and navigation paths that are learned on and applied across all input devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), users enjoy both flexibility and improved efficiency. What’s more, Modal Fluency Direct integrates with virtually all of the most popular EMR and EHR products on the market.

Once the complete patient story is captured in the EHR, even greater value may be derived through the use of the M*Modal Catalyst product family. Whether as a single component recommendation to your client or as part of a technology integration (either on the component level or as an API-level integration to holistically change the user experience), M*Modal Catalyst takes the information from the EHRs; integrates the unstructured, clinical narrative to provide a complete picture of patients and patient populations; and makes this rich content accessible to physicians.