medical imaging transcription

Radiology and imaging professionals will immediately see the value of our integrated solutions — an optimized workflow experience and more efficient use of their time.

Created specifically for imaging providers, M*Modal Fluency for Imaging is an innovative, cloud-based solution that allows users to do their job more efficiently with higher standards of care and valuable cost savings. Easily implemented, M*Modal Fluency for Imaging integrates seamlessly with any RIS/PACS solutions and provides a solid foundation for best practices. Two significant features of M*Modal Fluency for Imaging are its Reporting and Worklist modules:

M*Modal Fluency for Imaging Reporting allows your customers/clients to transform physician dictation into electronic documents that are structured, clinically encoded, searchable and sharable. This module leverages M*Modal’s Speech Understanding™ technology, a game-changing evolution of simple health speech recognition, and integrated productivity tools to expedite the creation of diagnostic imaging interpretations.

M*Modal Fluency for Imaging Worklist provides a consolidated view into multi-site, multi-vendor environments to make clinical content from disparate systems, such as the EHR and RIS, immediately accessible. The module also features other advanced capabilities, including: exam filtering and prioritization, as well as workload distribution and exam assignment capabilities based on custom business rules.

Another product that may be incorporated into your imaging solution is Fluency Discovery with Imaging. Leveraging the data in radiology narratives, it supports real-time, concurrent, and retrospective searches of medical findings; evaluation of documentation quality; and monitoring of compliance issues via Natural Language Understanding™, the power behind our Catalyst technology. From the detailed examination of patient-specific information to the broad, population-based, systemic analysis of clinical information, Fluency Discovery with Imaging is a cloud-based solution which automates identification of meaningful information and provides advanced search capabilities.