Complete Integrated Solutions

We are the only provider of speech recognition and natural language processing that makes Adoption Services an integral part of its solutions. These dedicated HIM experts with extensive clinical backgrounds have a deep understanding of our solutions and a multitude of clinical documentation workflows.

Assurance in Meeting Your Goals

Our Adoption Services team uses a combination of knowledge, skill, and the unique features available through M*Modal solutions to optimize usage. They understand end user needs and goals of clinical documentation – from physicians and nurses capturing documentation within the EHR to radiologists working within integrated RIS/PACS systems to coders and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) specialists utilizing M*Modal software to perform daily critical tasks. Most importantly, they use a data-driven approach to drive optimization and ensure the best outcomes.

We Care – Because You Do

Our Adoption Services team is an in-house team of experts who are our “boots on the ground”, working at-the-elbow with end users as well as working side-by-side with our Product Management and Development organizations. This team is passionate about their health care provider customers, and they take great pride in ensuring that end users get the most benefit possible from M*Modal technology. We believe strongly that successful adoption and use of technology are only in part due to the technology itself. It is the human touch that ensures broad adoption, and which leads to clinical satisfaction that is vital to the care of patients at any healthcare organization.