CDI Collaborate™

#1 CDI Software

Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, this robust CDI workflow management solution automates the query process, standardizes CDI practices and leverages in-depth clinical insights to improve patient care and documentation quality.

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Complete Coverage for All Charts, All Payers

Leverage M*Modal AI and Natural Language Understanding technologies to do the heavy lifting of analyzing both narrative and EHR documentation so that you can immediately extend your CDI coverage to 100% of your charts, all payers and every care setting, all of the time. The technology continuously evaluates all your encounter documentation to automate the identification of gaps in quality and ICD-10 opportunities.

  • AI and Natural Language Understanding Technologies
  • Automated Chart Review
  • Extended CDI Capacity

Full Query Workflow and Reporting

Better handle your growing caseload with this comprehensive, web-based workflow management solution that provides real-time CDI worklists, helps prioritize work, streamlines the query process, delivers an intuitive interface for managing the correction of CDI discrepancies, and offers extensive reporting capabilities. Get the supporting information you need from summarized, automated evidence sheets and utilize productivity-enhancing tools to effectively interact with physicians and coders.

full query workflow reporting

Embedded Clinical Intelligence

To understand the complete patient story, CDI Collaborate accesses information from narrative reports and can aggregate data from disparate clinical systems. The technology contextually understands this data and automates the identification of relevant, actionable information on documentation quality, patient care, population health, compliance, etc. A sophisticated knowledge discovery capability lets you quickly get the clinical information that’s most meaningful to you for targeted action.

CDI Consolidated

This unique solution serves to centralize your CDI program and provides a single access to all your encounter documentation. Breaking CDI silos, this solution delivers an interface for CDI specialists, coders and nurses to collaborate on the chart and see the gaps in documentation and patient care. It enables managers to streamline fragmented CDI processes, standardize practices across the enterprise, get visibility into productivity levels and report on ongoing performance improvement.