CDI Engage™

Changing the CDI paradigm with automated and real-time clinical intelligence delivered to clinicians as they document in their EHR for continuous improvement in patient care and documentation quality.

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KLAS CAPD 2017: An Early Look report – M*Modal has the commanding market share with clients most confident of attributing improved financial outcomes to Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD)

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Improving Physician Adoption

Designed to optimize the physician documentation experience and maximize efficiency, M*Modal effectively engages clinicians in a non-disruptive manner within their natural documentation workflow. By utilizing our Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) functionality, this unique solution combines documentation creation in the EHR and CDI into one seamless workflow. This interactive CDI solution is validated in wide production use and is changing how doctors care for their patients by ensuring the record is complete and accurate right from the start.

70% of our physicians are responding to messages triggered by the (M*Modal’s) Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation.

KLAS CDI 2015 Solutions report

Working Smarter, Not Harder

CDI Engage is built on M*Modal’s cloud-based platform that utilizes proprietary Natural Language Understanding technology to embed clinical intelligence and automation into current workflows and leverage existing systems. Irrespective of your EHR environment, CDI Engage is seamlessly integrated in your documentation workflow to provide automated feedback as clinicians dictate, type or use templates.

The M*Modal CDI solution not only helps monitor and improve physician behavior through strong reporting capabilities, it uniquely gives us unprecedented insight into what physicians are thinking naturally, not when merely checking a box. M*Modal bridges the gap between physician minds and where EMRs should be.

Dr. William Melahn, MD, CMO, VPMA at St. Claire Regional Medical Center

Driving Higher Quality

Built on a continuous, sustainable, and in-workflow improvement model, this solution helps physicians improve care communication and quality reporting.  By enabling the creation of a more complete, compliant, and accurate note that is available immediately in the EHR, CDI Engage empowers the entire care team to drive better outcomes.

Succeeding with ICD-10 Physician Education

In an entirely unique and cost effective way, M*Modal further supports physicians by bringing ICD-10 education out of the classroom and into the documentation workflow for unprecedented impact and sustainability. Context-specific, easy-to-use documentation tips and more in-depth ICD-10 education on under-documented conditions can be delivered in real time to efficiently improve physician proficiency in documentation best practices.

succeeding with icd 10

Minimizing Retrospective Physician Queries

By providing an automated clinical assessment of the note and delivering real-time feedback on the content, M*Modal CDI Engage promotes timely, front-line action through an early clarification process. This minimizes disruptive, retrospective queries and significantly boosts the productivity of both physicians and CDI Specialists downstream.

Supporting Better and Faster Reimbursement

Through an early chart review, CDI Engage identifies and helps address gaps in the largest number of commonly underspecified clinical conditions. This accelerates the billing cycle by minimizing the compounding effect of deficient documentation that creates downstream delays and inefficiencies. CDI Engage also enables more appropriate reimbursement by focusing on the clinical details captured in the note.

  • ICD-10 Compliance
  • Optimized Documentation
  • Faster Billing

Monitoring and Reporting

The real-time support provided by CDI Engage is complemented by robust, retrospective reporting capabilities to give the CDI team game-changing insights into individual physician documentation behavior. This solution can be deployed in “silent mode” to audit feedback messages at the back-end first before they are delivered to physicians in real time for minimal disruption. Moreover, advanced analytics on physician documentation can be done retrospectively for game-changing insights into documentation practices.