Coding Services

We help organizations meet their revenue cycle and workforce management goals through technology-enabled services: our dedicated experts and top-of-the-line coding technology suite.

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Remote Coding Services

Our technology-enabled Coding Services deploy Fluency CodeWise™ to enhance our remote coding quality, efficiency, and turn-around times. Fluency CodeWise is a dynamic and customizable workflow management tool that, coupled with our team of experienced domestic or global professionals, accelerates performance.

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  • High Quality Coding
  • Performance Turnaround Times
  • Reduced DNFB

I’ve never worked with another vendor who would put resources so quickly on a problem. We are a very small facility yet we get the attention and service of a large facility. Customer service is excellent at every level of the organization. We haven’t seen our DNFB this low since September 2015. Please share our thanks with the coders and everyone that works on our account, including those helping our move to Fluency CodeWise Platform.
Denise Hunt, HIM Director, Tahoe Forest Health System

Management Dashboards

Our coders use a proprietary technology called Fluency CodeWise Capture™, which is a state-of-the-art performance capturing system.  Cloud-based management dashboards improve the transparency of coder production and quality performance.  A daily dashboard gives you an up to the minute account of day status, records sent to billing and records pending, by hold type.  Trending of monthly productivity and quality is included in the daily dashboard with the ability to drill down, by coder, for a given date or time span.

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Audit Services

Our auditing experts will assess the accuracy of any inpatient or outpatient service for your coders, auditors and physicians. We will determine the type of audit, approach, sample size, and education needs up front. Our Coding Integrity team will create a customized audit plan, based on your needs, and execute that plan in a timely, organized and professional manner. The plan will always include a record review to assess the accuracy of coding or auditing; advanced reporting and personalized education.

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HIM Interim Management

Regardless of the leadership position, we provide a qualified HIM professional to manage and augment services during times of transition, illness or extended leave. Our professionals are credentialed and can guide your facility through any HIM related project. We will work with you to understand your needs and develop a detailed scope of work.

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  • People & Project Management
  • Departmental Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Recruitment
  • Goals Support