Fluency Flex™

Desktop-based application that maximizes physician productivity, while producing high quality clinical documentation.

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Used by over 450 users, processing over 15,000 documents a week.


With Fluency Flex, physicians can document, review and sign however they want and wherever they want across multiple platforms. Front-end speech recognition, standard text, access to previous documents and other patient-specific content, patient lists, and schedules allow physicians to create documents in natural workflows that work best for them. Fluency Flex also integrates fully with other transcription products such as Fluency Voice Manager™ and Fluency for Transcription™.

Physician Productivity

Our time-saving tools like voice driven standards, voice commands and speech recognition are designed to boost physician productivity. Fluency Flex greatly simplifies the process of referring and reusing content from previous documentation.

Document Quality

Fluency Flex helps physicians increase their documentation quality and reduce HIM interventions by identifying documentation deficiencies through document warnings and Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) messages.

Cost Reduction

Fluency Flex allows physicians to complete documentation by themselves. It reduces transcription cost without compromising physician productivity.