Fluency for Coding™

The advanced coding platform for ICD-10 and beyond. Fluency for Coding is a cloud-based, enterprise medical coding platform focusing on workflow as the foundation to drive medical coding productivity and quality. Tools like NLU Coding and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) leveraging our natural language understanding (NLU) platform, extend the workflow capability, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

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The Coding Platform

  • Workflow
  • Management Tools, such as Fluency for Coding Capture and associated reporting
  • Consolidated Coding Process
  • Single Platform
  • Web Based

Fluency for Coding is the foundation of our medical coding technology which helps you consolidate your coding operations under a single, cohesive system, supports your internal and external staffing and quality and compliance initiatives. It automates workflows for any coding type and integrates with your existing systems and processes. These capabilities can be extended with features like NLU Coding and CDI.

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M*Modal helped us improve our productivity with the Fluency for Coding™ workflow, and ultimately drive down our DNFB significantly.

Denise Hunt, Tahoe Forest HIM Director

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Agile Approach

Utilizing an agile approach in both the software development and implementation processes enables us to deliver solutions traditionally taking months or longer in a much shorter time-frame.  Being agile places the focus on key outcomes instead of traditional task-based projects and allows us to achieve results fast.


Product development incorporates short cycles where new features are delivered in weeks, not years. An agile development process allows us to rapidly respond to project requests and user feedback which can be quickly incorporated into the product.


Traditional project management focuses on the entire scope of a project resulting in a lengthy series of tasks to be complete before any real benefit is achieved. The agile approach focuses on key objectives, many of which can be completed in a short time-frame leading to positive results sooner rather than later.

Professional Services

The coding process can be complex and vary greatly.  Adopting new systems and medical technology can be challenging, particularly when in the early planning phase.  Our team of professionals takes a consultative approach, helping you identify key objectives and outcomes and designing a solution in support of these goals.  They also measure performance to ensure successful outcomes.

NLU Coding

Presenting coders with information generated by the NLU process can provide a significant benefit when deployed in the proper circumstances.  Our NLU Coding is a measured, thoughtful approach to computer assisted coding (CAC).  We employ NLU (natural language understanding) Coding only in situations where it will provide a meaningful benefit to the coder and enhancing productivity and quality.  M*Modal’s NLU engine powers all our solutions, including CAPD, transcription, CDI and CAC.

E&M Calibrate

Let our E&M Calculator streamline your professional coding process. This innovative tool provides coders or providers with a picklist for discovering the correct CPT code needed for your professional coding. This will reduce your risk to improperly coded charts and increase productivity!

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Fluency for Coding Capture

Gathering insight to both remote and onsite coders is a challenge for all facilities and outsource companies. Our time keeping functionalities with Fluency for Coding Capture allows HIM management to gather productivity, utilization, and other metrics for oversight and analysis. Used by our own Coding Services, the key performance indicators provides valuable information for capacity planning and deep analysis. Those who are looking for a robust workforce management tool should look no further.

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Fluency for Coding Audit Tool

With our Fluency for Coding Audit Tool, auditors have the ability to populate an audit queue with a random sample of charts, review charts, and communicate feedback to coders and managers within the tool. Additionally, comprehensive reporting capabilities are available at a coder, auditor and supervisor level in this streamlined, HIPAA compliant workflow.

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