Fluency for Coding™ Platform

Our medical coding platform is the foundation for successfully achieving your coding objectives. Advanced, automated workflow management eliminates wasted effort and overhead from the coding process. Fully leverage your coding resources for maximum benefit.

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Automated, prioritized, flexible work distribution enables coders to focus on coding instead of administrative overhead and ensures the highest priority cases are coded quickly and efficiently.

Automated QA routing provides a prospective approach to the quality review process and enables you to enforce quality before the bill is generated (reduce denials). Implement enterprise-wide quality initiatives using a single, unified platform.

Management Tools

Performance management is simple with Fluency for Coding’s automated productivity tracking. Measure productivity in real time with our reporting and dashboard tools.

Our medical coding workflow management provides full transparency of all encounters and allows manual control of the workflow if necessary.

Consolidate Process

Consolidate coding process by combining all elements of coding into a single screen to reduce or eliminate the need for coders to access multiple systems.  Coders have access to the tools they need including encoders, charges and abstracting to name a few.  Enforce quality and consistency with custom rules and edits.

Single Platform

Consolidate data from multiple systems (EMRs, abstracting, charge capture, billing) into a single coder-centric platform.  Utilize medical coding resources from multiple locations and areas of focus to maximize resource utilization and reduce dependency on outside labor.

Web Based

Our web-based system minimizes IT overhead and provides for rapid deployment.  You’ll always have access to the “latest and greatest” version.  Ensure secure access from anywhere allowing you to recruit from outside your geographic area.