Fluency for Transcription™

Awarded #1 KLAS Category Leader
in Speech Recognition: Back End

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Quality-focused transcription technology that optimizes any transcription labor source.

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Physician-Friendly Workflows

Our unique blend of transcription and flexible tools for dictating, reviewing, editing and signing save physicians time. We support automated synching of patient demographics and schedules with EMR, as well as uploading schedules on-demand to simplify patient selection.

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Driving quality through technology

Fluency for Transcription is built to ensure that the transcription software resources perform at the highest level through technology-enabled systematic quality-focused processes. We consistently exceed TAT industry standards, while ensuring the highest possible quality of clinical documentation.

Simplified transcription management

Our medical dictation software includes a comprehensive set of reporting and analytics tools in combination with our easy-to-use inbox for resolving post-transcription issues ensures efficient management of the entire documentation workflow.

Award-winning platform

We at M*Modal are honored to be the recipient of AHDI’s 2015 Innovation Through Technology Award for our M*Modal Fluency for Transcription™ platform. We are very proud of our technologic advancements, and we believe we have the very best transcription platform on the market.