Business Intelligence and Analytics in Radiology: Dashboards, Scorecards, and Beyond

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Paul J. Chang, MD, FSIIM
Professor and Vice-Chairman, Radiology Informatics
Medical Director,
Pathology Informatics
University of Chicago School of Medicine

Medical Director,
Enterprise Imaging
Medical Director,
SOA Infrastructure
University of Chicago Hospitals

Presented By: Paul J. Chang, MD, FSIIM

In the current climate of increasing requirements and constraints accompanied by decreasing resources and reimbursements, it is imperative that radiology practices continuously demonstrate and enhance the value they add to the enterprise.  “Managing the practice” just won’t cut it anymore in an increasingly competitive environment where the goals are measurable improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality, and safety.

To achieve these imperatives, it is important to remember that “one cannot improve a process unless one can measure it”. And to measure the process, the proper leveraging of formal Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) is necessary– a critically essential strategy for the practice of radiology today.  Although currently underutilized, concepts such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), tactical dashboards, and strategic scorecards, should be invaluable tools for radiology groups attempting to “navigate disruption”.

Please join Dr. Chang’s discussion, and learn how you can

  • Take the necessary technical steps to develop and implement a dashboard, including data/state aggregation, semantic normalization, modeling, data mining, and presentation.
  • Adopt specific strategies and technologies that can be used to create dashboards, including HL7, DICOM, ETL, web services, and SOA.
  • Explore strategies to create a sustainable and agile architecture to support dashboards and advanced BIA tools.

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