EHRs and Transcription: Can both live in harmony?

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Presented By:
Lynn Kosegi
Director, Solutions Realization

EHRs were projected to reduce the need for transcription. However, with slower than anticipated adoption of EHRs by providers coupled with concerns about quality and fear of inaccurate documentation and over-billing due to inappropriate copy/paste and template use, there is still a demand for transcription technology and services. A skilled medical transcriptionist can be the economical choice when faced with passing time-consuming tasks on to the most expensive person in the documentation workflow – the physician – and can serve as the extra pair of eyes to validate structured and encoded data intended for consumption by the EHR.

Join us for this Webinar and learn:

  • Where the intersection between transcription and EHR rests
  • What the vision is for the future of transcription and clinical documentation
  • How speech can be used to maximize the clinical content capabilities of your EHR
  • What technology is available to enhance your EHR experience and data collection needs

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