From Commodity to Valued Partner: Putting Radiology at the Center of the New Healthcare Delivery Models

M*Modal is proud to sponsor an engaging webinar with Stephen Willis and Dr. John Stahl.

The move from encounter to value based reimbursement has forced organizations across the continuum to reevaluate cost models. As a result, healthcare organizations have begun to reconsider their relationship with specialist groups. Whether this has meant forming an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) or outsourcing work to the lowest bidder, radiology is seeing the direct effect of this new paradigm. Radiology has been an easy target because while technology has greatly improved the efficiency of care and has allowed increased sub-specialization, it has also physically removed radiologists from the center of the healthcare delivery chain.

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         John Stahl                                                          Stephen Willis
Chair of the Greensboro Radiology          CIO of Canopy Partners
Best Practices Oversight Committee                                                                          

Hear Dr. John Stahl, Chair of the Greensboro Radiology Best Practices Oversight Committee, and Stephen Willis, CIO of Canopy Partners, discuss:

  • How Canopy Partners and Greensboro Radiology have implemented M*Modal imaging solutions to help achieve their goal of bringing radiology back to the forefront of healthcare delivery in their markets.
  • Ways in which M*Modal Catalyst for Radiology and M*Modal Fluency for Imaging are enabling the two organizations to enhance and directly demonstrate their value to sending facilities, referring physicians and ACOs alike.
  • Their thoughts on future use cases for these solutions to demonstrate even greater value to patient care.

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