How Effective is Your CDI Program?

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Presented by:
Dr. Juergen Fritsch
Chief Scientist,

Healthcare as we know it is changing, and fast. Accountable Care Organizations, Meaningful Use and the ICD-10 transition all are changing how we think about healthcare and healthcare IT requirements. Healthcare reform is demanding better tools in terms of insights, reporting and analysis to understand and manage population health. Your ability to deliver quality care while optimizing patient outcomes, compliance, and reimbursements will depend on not just the right initiatives, but on access to quality documentation and actionable data that can drive those initiatives.

Specifically in the area of Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), organizations will have to make better use of existing information to effectively and efficiently identify target cases along with potential for documentation improvement. The most successful organizations don’t just rely on concurrent or retrospective analysis of patient records by CDI specialists, but increasingly use sophisticated Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies to identify and drive improvements in real-time.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How leading healthcare organizations have developed new insights and efficiencies around their CDI program by effectively using new NLU technologies
  • About how to more effectively leverage the information you already have to improve the quality of documentation across your organization.

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