Webinar – MEDITECH with M*Modal: Improving Clinical Documentation Improvement Workflows with AI

MUSE (Medical Users Software Exchange) sponsored interactive webinar on how AI and natural language understanding technologies can be used in everyday CDI workflows to improve efficiency, coverage and consistency.

During the webinar, M*Modal’s Aaron Brauser, VP of CDI/HCC and Kaitlyn Crowther, Product Manager of CDI solutions, discuss topics including:

  • Understanding how M*Modal solutions work with current MEDITECH workflows and utilize existing clinical information, both structured and unstructured, in your MEDITECH system.
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to identify disparities between what is recorded in the medical record and what is meant by the physician for early clarification.
  • Utilizing the combined M*Modal and MEDITECH solutions for inpatient CDI and outpatient applications such as improving RAF (Risk Adjustment Factor) scores for HCC (Hierarchical Condition Category) management.
  • Enabling multiple stakeholders with the same technology to identify documentation deficiencies in real time, concurrently, and retrospectively.
  • Combining this solution with M*Modal’s front-end speech recognition to deliver real-time CDI feedback to the physician as the note is being created in MEDITECH.

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