NLU vs. NLP – Similar but Extremely Different

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Presented by:
Dr. Jonathan Handler


Learn the difference in NLU & NLP and how that difference can have a huge effect on making unstructured data relevant and actionable.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) – two similar sounding terms that are distinctly different. So, what’s the difference between NLU and NLP? NLU is actually a subset of the wider field of NLP. Both focus on the contextual understanding and processing of unstructured data, driving more contextual meaning out of the physician’s narrative as opposed to rigid structured data input. However, NLP has a wider scope than that of NLU. The results for both, though, deliver clinical documentation that is complete, actionable and usable across a variety of technologies such as EHRs and functions within a healthcare setting from the clinical setting to coding.

Learn the nuances and differences between NLU and NLP

Join the M*Modal team in viewing NLU, NLP – Similar, but Extremely Different presented by Dr. Jonathan Handler to learn:

  • The differences between NLU and NLP
  • How to maximize unstructured data
  • Where speech plays a role in the collection of the patient story
  • How to effectively balance your needs for unstructured and structured data

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