Personalized Radiology in the Age of Big Data: Are You Ready to Make the Shift?

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Join Eliot Siegel, M.D., Professor and Vice Chair, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine; Chief, Imaging, VA Maryland Healthcare System.

The practice of diagnostic imaging is about to change dramatically from a relatively haphazard, “one size fits all” approach to a new, next- generation paradigm that will revolutionize the specialty.  Without this, the practice of radiology runs the risk of becoming a commodity and a relatively invisible non-participant in the practice of medicine.  To prevent this, it will be imperative to practice Personalized Radiology.

Hear Dr. Siegel talk about what it will take for the practice of diagnostic imaging to make this huge shift, which includes:

  • Making imaging data easily discoverable and accessible to both business and clinical intelligence systems
  • Allowing the data to be cross correlated with increasingly sophisticated laboratory, clinical and genomic/proteomic information that is also made available to patients
  • Delivering comprehensive phenotypic studies that include the tremendous wealth of information that is not included in a typical radiology report

Dr. Siegel will discuss the need for sophisticated technologies that perform natural language processing and automate the detection and tracking of patients as well as the follow-up of critical or unexpected findings.  In combination, these technologies will allow radiologists to become more relevant to both patients and colleagues, improve patient safety and outcomes, and to be prepared for tomorrow’s practice of medicine.

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