Tune Up Your Coding Organization for ICD-10

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Join M*Modal Director of HIM Product Services, Karen Karban, for part 1 of our four part “ICD-10 Tune Up” webinar series.

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Assuring adequate coding staff for the ICD-10 transition involves much more than just additional coders. Achieving operational efficiencies is a must-have first and foremost.  ICD-9-CM had been in place for 35 years now and the coding process has gone from being exclusively inpatient to now incorporating every type of patient encounter with outpatient services being the majority stakeholder- with the volumes growing every day. Coding was once the domain of historical data for research purposes and now is the keystone to the Revenue Cycle, directly fueling cash flow and revenue realization. We will discuss how to tune your organization for the high-pressure demands of this new paradigm.

After This Webinar You’ll Be Able To:

  1. Identify redundancies and breaking points in the coding workflow process
  2. Define key tasks in the  restructure of current process to assure appropriate work distribution and accountability
  3. Create a staffing model that works for your facility using project management techniques

Target Audience:  Coding Managers, HIM Directors, Revenue Cycle personnel, Practice Managers, CFOs, COOs, CEOs, IT personnel, HR, ICD-10 Project Personnel.

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