HFMA: Annual Conference

See why hospitals trust M*Modal to provide the coding resources they need during HFMA Annual Conference, booth #745

Coding is the life line of the organization and directly impacts the financial strength compliance health of your organization.

Hospitals need a trusted partner that understands the intricate details of coding and auditing, who can keep up with a fast-paced coding environment.

With M*Modal, we have a comprehensive resource management tool kit that provides a streamlined approach and outcomes reporting for optimal coding management. We deliver a model that clicks together with your current coding environment and alleviates the day to day pressures that your hospital faces.

Within our Resource Management Tool Kit we feature products and services to enrich the different facets of your coding department. From coding support/outsource to staff augmentation to auditing and beyond, take a look at our solutions below and see us during HFMA Annual Conference, booth #745, to learn more about M*Modal.

  • Coding Services – Ranging from backup/augmentation services to total outsource of the coding department, our dedicated experts become an extension of your team to ensure you can maintain the expectations of high quality coding within expected turn-around times.
  • Fluency for Coding Platform – The M*Modal Single Platform utilizes automated data capture and workforce management tools to intelligently drive coding quality and workforce productivity. The platform uses rules, machine learning and natural language understanding to continuously improve quality and productivity.
  • Fluency Capture is a web-based workforce management tool that empowers coding leadership to measure and monitor coder productivity and coder utilization. The Fluency Capture tool is an alternative to coder self-reporting and EHR miss-reporting of coder productivity. With the implementation of Fluency Capture, M*Modal and their clients have experienced an increase in 19 to 30% in coder productivity outcomes. The tool enables capturing key performance information for coders who code remotely and/or directly in customer HIM systems.  It consists of a Windows-based application that the coders interact with as they work, and then captures key coder performance information in a central repository.  This enables the tracking and management of overall productivity, regardless of the HIM platform.
  • Fluency Audit Tool is a web-based HIPAA compliant audit workflow. The tool completely eliminates the need for manual spreadsheets and provides a full range of both high level summary and detailed reports, including accuracy scores and financial impact. The tool allows the selection of a randomized sample, auditor review, coder review, rebuttal/escalation right in the tool and real time management monitoring of audits.
  • Fluency E&M Calibrate is a web-based tool that provides a picklist of professional levels to arrive at an accurate and optimized code. The tool improves and streamlines the process of ProFee coding and supports both 1995 and 1997 E/M guidelines.

HFMA: Annual Conference

Date: June 24 - June 27, 2018

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Booth #745

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