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With pressures of health reform and new care models, healthcare organizations big and small around the country are struggling to do more with less. Ensuring high quality of clinical documentation and reducing medical transcription costs is on everyone’s mind. That is where the M*Modal transcription solutions come in.

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M*Modal Fluency for Transcription Awarded #1 KLAS Category Leader in Speech Recognition: Back End

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Our game-changing mix of technology and services ensures complete and accurate transcription with fewer resources.

Improve the productivity and quality of your documentation process throughout your organization with the help of our highly trained medical transcription professionals and physician tools that meet their varying workflow needs, all backed by a transcription platform enabled by our speech understanding and natural language understanding technologies.

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As the nation’s largest medical transcription services provider, we offer a secure and experienced workforce of medical transcriptionists – one that can scale and adapt to the growing needs of any organization. Our transcription services address the needs of clients ranging from ambulatory groups to community hospitals, to large, multi-facility healthcare enterprises. Integrated quality assurance tools ensure transcribed documents are returned quickly while maintaining industry-leading document quality. We also provide performance monitoring as a built-in, value-added service. Learn more about our transcription services.

  • Turnaround Time

    Accurate and timely medical transcription is critical to the quality of healthcare delivery, as well as reimbursement. Our transcription services consistently over-perform on turnaround time thanks to a dedicated workflow monitoring team, prioritization of work types, and technology-enabled back-end speech recognition workflows.

  • Quality Assurance

    We use an ISO certified quality assurance process in combination with award-winning technology-enabled tools such as Quality Rule Checks (dangerous abbreviations, gender mismatch, etc.), timely feedback and quality reporting to ensure the highest standards of clinical documentation.

  • People/Process

    We employ a highly skilled workforce of medical transcriptionist professionals. You can rely on our proven methodology and experience in transitioning in-house transcription services to outsourcing model.


Great documentation begins with the physician. We offer a variety of transcription-enabled dictation tools that fit a wide range of workflows: telephony-, browser- and desktop-based applications, and even mobile apps for both iOS and Android™. Supported by our unique Speech Understanding platform and a single profile architecture, these tools are built for maximum flexibility in dictating, review and editing.

  • Mobility

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    We make dictating, reviewing, editing and signing clinical documents on the go simple with physician-friendly iOS and Android-based mobile apps. With features like daily schedule and front-end dictation (coming soon), these apps help physicians better fit documentation tasks in their busy days.

  • Telephony-Based Voice Capture

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    Traditional telephony-based dictation via our 800# service or local dictation system with optional PC-based dictate-only options allow facilities to choose the right configuration for their departmental and enterprise needs.

  • Front-End Speech Recognition

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    We created a physician-friendly document creation solution for facilities that do not have the option of a physician documentation within their EHR. Fluency Flex combines the ability to use front-end speech recognition with time-saving features like text standards, voice commands, patient lists and schedules, access to prior documents, and real-time Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) offering an end-to-end solution for creating and managing high quality clinical documentation.

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Our transcription services are designed to support HIM workflows originating from any device, in any state of completeness, from both internal and external sources. This is an excellent fit for acute care facilities, ambulatory groups, and medical transcription service organization (MTSO) partners. We help organizations adapt to EHRs and leverage the value of the physicians’ narrative. Learn more about Fluency for Transcription.

  • Quality-Focused Productivity

    Quality Rule Checks ensure common errors are caught before the transcriptionist completes the document.

  • Closed-Loop Quality Management

    Quality assurance tools that ensure a full-circle QA feedback to the transcriptionists for continuous quality improvement.

  • Inline Research Tools

    Transcriptionists can perform quick word lookups with the ability to display the definition right from within the editor screen.

  • Back-End Speech Recognition

    Significantly improve your transcription group's capacity to keep up with the backlog or take on new work.